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A little introduction…

You may know me from TikTok or Instagram as Chrissy CRNA. I’m a nurse anesthetist by day and a foodie by night! I have always loved experimenting in the kitchen to recreate the flavors of restaurants I like or exotic places I have been to.

In the past few years, I have transitioned from full time pork and cheese lover to full time vegan. That’s right, the V word. Perhaps the most difficult part of this transition has been learning to cook all over again. I have tried countless vegan recipes in books and blogs and have been frustrated with how so many are either full of uncommon ingredients, time consuming, or honestly just not good.

As a health care professional who works long shifts I don’t have time to for lengthy, difficult recipes.

I decided to go plant based because I live by the evidence. Whether at work or in my kitchen, I try to live a lifestyle that is in line with current research. It took a lot of reading and researching to get me here, but here I am!

(If you’re curious about the science of plant based eating, check out and How Not to Die by Michael Gregor, MD)

I want to share my successful recipes with the world so that whether you are taking the plant based plunge or just looking for more Meatless Monday ideas, I can make your cooking a little easier. I hope you join me on this journey to plant based living.

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