A little introduction…

As you probably guessed, my name is Chrissy. I’m a food and travel lover, but above all else, a real person. I have always loved experimenting in the kitchen to recreate the flavors of restaurants I like or exotic places I have been to. I also have a full time job and don’t have time to for lengthy, difficult recipes.

See? Real person 🙂

In the past year, I have transitioned from full time pork and cheese lover to full time vegan. That’s right, the V word. Perhaps the most difficult part of this transition has been learning to cook all over again. I have tried countless vegan recipes in books and blogs and have been frustrated with how so many are either full of uncommon ingredients, time consuming, or honestly just not good. I want to share my successful recipes with the world so that whether you are taking the plant based plunge or just looking for more Meatless Monday ideas, I can make your cooking a little easier. I hope you join me on this journey to plant based living.